babibooks-icon BabiBooks v. 1.6

"There's more to life than books, you know, but not much more, not much more..."
The Smiths

Babibooks is the application designed to manage your book collection and next purchases using your iPhone!

No more titles written on floating notes, no more duplicates!

In double-quick time you'll be able to query internet databases containing all published books and create your own collection!

Every title will be completed with information such as description, publisher, number of pages, price, cover, etc... and you can even add your personal opinion!
Moreover, with the same quick process, you may create your wish list that will be ready to be consulted whenever you want!

With BabiBooks, once you enter a book in your collection or wish list, no internet connection will be required to review all the recorded data, so you will be able to check all the information wherever you are!

BabiBooks let you share your book's information via email, Twitter and Facebook.

Now using the BabiBooks Synch utility you can even backup and restore   your BabiBooks' Library to your computer (via WIFI), so you'll never loose your books' data.

BabiBooks is essential for book lovers and collectors!



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