BabiBooks 1.3 Available from App Store

The new release of BabiBooks is available on Apple's App Store. 

Features List:

1) Integration with pic2shop for barcode scanning (work on iPhone 2G, 3G and 3GS)

2) Improved sensibility of button to add a new book

3) When manually adding a new book the book language is set to the iPhone's interface language

4) When adding a new book, if coming from My Wishes, the book is added as Wish and not Owned (unless the user choose differently)

5) Alert when trying to add a book already present

6) Added support for a Book's Location field

7) Added support for a Notes field

8) Fixed a random crash when returning to the Find New Book screen

9) Fixed capitalization setting in Publisher editing field and extend field (description, comment, notes)