Please Note: As of 26th January 2008 RSSFeedEater has been discontinued, here's the blog post I wrote in that event

I'm sorry to announce that due to the release of FeedDemon as a Freeware I've stopped to develop RSSFeedEater. 

Ok, that seems a little too semplicistic so I'll try to explain myself. 

I've started to create 
RSSFeedEater almost five years ago, when RSS feeds were young and most of the available feeds weren't XML compliant... now much has changed, many new desktop RSS Readers have appeared (and most of them are free) and many online services allows you to read RSS feeds without installing software on the PC. I was working on a complete reingenering of RSSFeedEater, but I won't finish it, because I'm not able to compete with big software vendors that can afford to develop applications better than mine (yes, FeedDemon is a great software!) and distribute them for free... 

I guess I'll find some other niche to work for. 

Take care. 

RssFeedEater is a RSS Reader (aka News Aggregator) for Windows. It can gather information from sites that offer syndicated contents (RSS or ATOM) and presents them in a powerful hierarchical interface.

Many sites and blogs offer syndicated contents (usually a brief summary of a news or a blog entry along with a link back to the originating source for expansion) under the form of RSS or Atom files (both are lightweight XML format).
All you have to do to add a new feed in RSSFeedEater is to copy the link to these files (you can find one on the main page of this site), and then you won't need to check directly if a site or a blog has been updated because RssFeedEater will do this for you, downloading any new headlines!
Please don't hesitate to contact me to offer advices or point out any error.
This is a full functional version of the program,
you are free to use it for 30 days for evaluating purposes but it will expire after the trial period, unless you register the program.

I've thought to release RssFeedEater as a low-cost
shareware (18,95$), because I've spent many days developing it and I'd like to spend more days improving it...

These are some of the main RssFeedEater features:
no additional software libraries required
can be installed on a portable device (i.e. USB Dongle) and used on multiple PCs without requiring multiple installs
support for both Rss and Atom formats
easy way to organize your subscriptions hierarchically in categories
automatic download of new feeds information
support for import and export in opml format
full support to HTML formatted feeds
implements a basic AdBlock to remove advertisements from web pages
Pre configured with many popular feeds
Let you send a news via email
Let you publish a news in
Full features 30 days trial period